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Modifying the rainlendar2.ini file

Disclaimer: Editing the settings file manually can make Rainlendar nonfunctional, behave strangely or even crash. So, if you are uncertain about editing the settings file manually, do not do it.

By default when you change some setting (e.g. the window z-position) in the options it is applied to all Rainlendar's windows. With little work you can also apply the settings just for a single window. Here's how to do it:

  • Quit Rainlendar.
  • Find the settings file (rainlendar2.ini).
  • Make a backup from it.
  • Open the rainlendar2.ini file with some text editor.

The settings file is a standard ini-format file with sections (i.e. text inside '[' and ']') and key-value pairs separated with '=' char.

The default settings are under the [DefaultSettings] section. To make the setting to apply just to a single window you can copy it under the window's section under the [OverriddenSettings] (e.g. [OverriddenSettings/Shadow4/Event\ List]).

Note that if you move some setting under the window's section the default setting won't be applied to that window until you manually remove it from the settings file. So changing the value from the Rainlendar's options dialog won't have an affect to the window where the setting has been overwritten.

Important Make sure that you save the file in UTF-8 format. If you fail to do that you can corrupt the whole file and Rainlendar won't be able to use it anyway. If you manage to mess things up and you didn't take a backup of the file you can just delete it and let Rainlendar to recreate it when it is started again. You'll lose all your settings though so you really should have taken that backup.


Here's how to make the calendar window to stay always on top while the rest of the windows stay on the default position:


The WindowPosition=0 has been moved under the [OverriddenSettings/Shadow4/Calendar] section. The values for the WindowPosition are:

  • 0 = On Top
  • 1 = Normal
  • 2 = On Bottom
  • 3 = On Desktop

If you cannot figure out what the values are for certain settings you can just change the setting in Rainlendar's Options dialog and see how it changes in the rainlendar2.ini file.